In 2012, my son, who at the time worked at one of Frank Hevrdej's companies, contacted me about purchasing a couple of Longhorn steers from Frank for our ranch.

That led to an invitation to visit his beautiful ranch in Brenham. After a personal tour of the ranch, we quickly began to fall in love with the animals. With Frank's passion rubbing off on us, we purchased two steers, five heifers and a young bull. We were in the Longhorn business.

Frank and Bruce have been mentors ever since that first visit. We owe them a big "Thank you!".

Our ranch is in Cooke County Texas near Gainesville and we reside in McKinney Texas. We love nothing better than to meet interested parties at the ranch on weekends or during the week.  Our ranch manager, Jeff Jones, will do the same.

Our focus is on the total package: Longhorn-temperament, conformation, color, horn length.